How to Choose a Good Website Design Agency


Choosing your website designer is surprisingly important, and often a little tricky.  There are hundreds of people out there who claim to build amazing websites, so how can you tell which ones to choose?

  1. They will want to know about you!  If a company are happy to get on and design a website whilst knowing nothing about your company, your goals, aspirations, even what you do, then they won’t do a great job.  It is important for the designers to know all about your organisation so they know how best to build the site.
  2. They have a portfolio to check out – look at the past work of the designer.  Do you like the sites they have done?  Do they have good reviews from past clients testifying to their good work?  If not available to view online, you should certainly ask questions.  They should be singing from the rooftops about their amazing work!
  3. Are you able to get in contact easily?  If your agency or designer is never on the phone or able to reply to emails, then steer clear!  Designing a website is a collaborative effort and requires a lot of back-and-forth between agency and client.  If you are unable to get hold of them easily, then it doesn’t bode well for their communciations!
  4. What is their own site like?  Do they have a rock solid website of their own?  If not, how can they do a decent job on yours?

Now you have some pro tips, go forth and hire an amazing designer (us for example).

The Basics of SEO – How To Become Wildy Successful Online!


Ok so the title is a bit much, but we are passionate about SEO!  SEO or “Search Engine Optimisation” to give it it’s full name, is a process used to get websites to rank higher up on search engine results lists.  Doesn’t sound like much, but in reality it is a fact that 80% of people NEVER LOOK AT THE SECOND PAGE OF GOOGLE!  Which is why it is important to be at least on the first page…

SEO works by using Google’s angorithms to get your site to move higher up the list.  You have a number of keywords which your site is ranking for, and Google checks over your site and its contents to see how relevant and useful your site is.  The higher quality your content is, the better it fares.

Social media can play a small part in this cycle.  By increasing the social likes and shares, you effectively are showing that your site is relevant to Google.

It is important to build up your links to your site carefully.  Since Google released it’s penguin and panda updates, sites are being heavily penalised for having naff links (in days gone by, it was an SEO tactic to have as many links as possible pointing to your site, because more links meant better reliability to Google.  Then they realised that many of these links were just spammy and not really giving any benefit to the sites, so Google changed the algorithms to penalise these types!).

Which Website Platform Is Best For My Business Needs?


Choosing a website platform isn’t particularly tricky – each of the main ones offers slightly different benefits to the user.  Here’s our handy guide to help you understand the world of web platforms.


WordPress is the most popular web design platform, mostly because it offers really beautiful looks alongside functionality like no other.  It has millions of plugins to use which add to the user experience and make your website more attractive.  It is easy to customise and we can build custom goods for this platform.  Facilities to add ecommerce elements for basic selling, which makes this a great site for anyone!


Magento is a powerful ecommerce platform, which can be tricky to build with but creates really great, easy to use shopping sites.  With built in functions for managing stock, invoicing and taking secure payment, it is our first choice for anyone hoping to run a crazy successful online shop.


Similarly to Magento, OpenCart is primarily an ecommerce platform, but a little easier on the developer.  It can create simple yet effective ecommerce shopping sites with some added functionality as you would find in WordPress. A good option for beginner salespeople.

Of course, when you take on a professional agency to design your website, you can be sure that they will choose the best fit for your business – we always advise our clients in order to get the best out of their new site.